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Dr. Deater has been the Head of School of CWCS since December 2018 after completing 24 years of military service in the U.S. Air Force.  He enlisted at the age of 19 and began a professional career as a Medical Laboratory Technician.  After working as a Blood Bank Technician at a Level I trauma center, Dr. Deater went on to instruct Microbiology to Medical Laboratory Students.  Dr. Deater then completed his bachelor’s degree in medical technology and earned his professional certification in the field.  After completing his undergraduate degree, he separated from the Air Force to pursue an Air Force ROTC scholarship program while completing his graduate degree in business.  In 2002, after completing his ROTC requirements, Dr. Deater was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air Force.  He then served in various leadership positions as a Medical Service Corps Officer, such as Air Force’s Director of Home Station Medical Response, Deputy Medical Group Commander, Squadron Commander and Director of Operations for a Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.


Dr. Deater's wife Tanna was also an active-duty officer and served as a Navigator on the USAFs B-52 bomber.  After having their first child Samantha, Tanna elected to conclude her service and dedicated her time to raising their children.  Since Samantha, the Deater's have also added three boys to the family: William, David and Owen.


Dr. Deater has always felt a vocational calling to the ministry, but never to full-time pulpit ministry.  As a husband and a father, he has a passion for the growth and development of his family as well as his broader Evangelical Family.  He considers it an honor to be a small part of the academic and spiritual development of our children.  Dr. Deater completed his doctorate degree in education from Liberty University and his dissertation focused research on improving upper school transfer student outcomes. He hopes to continue to build upon the 40-year success story of Colorado West Christian School.

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